An important application of EVA---Yoga Mat

An important application of EVA---Yoga Mat

Yoga mats, yoga is spread when the mat below, the type of yoga mats are generally divided into TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex mats, CBR cushions. Yoga mat surface grains, full of bubbles, soft, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip, resilience, and has a strong anti-tearing capability is ideal for yoga practitioners. In addition, yoga mat can effectively block ground cold, strong grip, has outstanding resilience, smoothness, slip resistance, as well as human skin affinity. 


Yoga is suitable for all types of people, accompanied by practitioners there are many kinds of yoga mat, yoga mat material but what is? Green yoga mat made ​​of natural latex, made ​​from hemp and other natural materials, yoga mat should be soft and flexible, two kinds of TPE and PVC. 

Today, almost every yoga practitioners to provide public yoga mats, practitioners can practice, this is a very peace of mind thing, but does not know the first batch of the same practitioners also barefoot and bare hands like you are lying again lie, how many strangers sweat, dander stay on top. Yoga studio cleaning pass it? Sharing a yoga mat with people, as if lying on someone else's site, strange and disturbing. If they have the right to choose a yoga mat Heart, is actually very easy.

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