Anti-static EVA features and application notes

Anti-static EVA features and application notes
Today we are going to introduce an anti-static EVA, EVA anti-static foam is the most supplied product of our company, anti-static EVA is adjusted according to the index of 107Ω M2, all produced with genuine imported materials, is a permanent Anti-static products, the electrostatic index is accurately controlled within 106-108 Ω M2 (tested by standard weight). Anti-static EVA is widely used in a wide range of electronic products and meets environmental requirements.
1. EVA hardness: the hardness of ordinary EVA foam is between 38-45 degrees, and the highest hardness can be about 70 degrees.
2. EVA anti-static foam is used in: electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control chassis, lighting and other product packaging
3. Anti-static EVA is also a new type of environmentally-friendly plastic foaming material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, shock resistance, waterproof and permanent anti-static function. (EVA foam is fine, non-porous and tasteless)
Anti-static EVA foam is produced by polymer composite foaming technology. It has uniform foaming pore size and pit corrosion. Anti-static EVA is not affected by temperature and humidity. It is used as inner packaging for electronic products and instruments. Ideal for long-term storage devices.
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