EVA material introduction

EVA material introduction
1. EVA products:
EVA pad, EVA foam, EVA gasket, EVA sponge, Pads.
2. Insulation products:
PVC film, PVC gasket, PC lens, PVC-type, meson gaskets, Chinese Secretary gaskets, kraft paper, the Green Paper shells, PVC film, PVC film, PVC pads, Wait.
3. Stickers products:
3M stickers, 3M double-sided stickers, strong double-sided adhesive, Velcro, sponge rubber, silicone stickers, 3M pads, TESA, on the East, Sony and other brand stickers apply to all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, .
4. Special industrial tape:
Self-adhesive copper foil, aluminum foil, double-sided tape, cheat tape, LED display imports 3M stickers, PVC packaging adhesive, PE tape red type
5. Shielding, EMI Material:
Copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth, conductive foam, fire fast Palestinian paper;
6. Heat-resistant, heat insulation material:
Fire-retardant pads, insulation cotton, glass fiber, insulation cotton, insulation cloth.
7. Earthquake Products:
EVA pad, rubber pad, rubber pad, silicone pad, back pad, transparent Ottomans, 3M Ottomans, PORON pad, fire EVA pads, Eva Interlocking Mat, high foam,
8. Dustproof material:
Sponge, Sponge Packing, Protective Film, Non-woven Fabric, Flocked Paper, Flannel, Filter Cotton, Activated Carbon Cotton, Sound-absorbing Cotton
9. Other products:
LCD sponge pad, seal, gaskets, speaker pads, Velcro red-shaped, stickers affixed, silk screen, nameplate, and so on.
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