Future development trend of EVA foam scrap

Future development trend of EVA foam scrap
What is EVA Foam Scrap? It should be unclear to many people, what is this material, perhaps knowing it is a material but not knowing what it is mainly doing, what its market is.
  Let us first analyze the market analysis, policy and analysis of this material. At present, there is no clear standard for product standards, specifications and quality for the EVA foam scrap material industry. However, the downstream industry's requirements for various types of products, especially the increasingly stringent export standards, also form favorable constraints on materials. Therefore, although the material industry itself does not have clear specifications and certifications, manufacturers that meet the various downstream standards are in a more favorable position in the competition. Future market development trend From the upstream perspective, with the increasing demand for materials in the Chinese market, the import volume of EVA will further increase in the future. At the same time, with the technological breakthrough of domestic production companies, the dependence on imports will also gradually decrease. Driven by downstream demand, the scale of China's material market will continue to increase. At the same time, it is expected that large-scale material producers will further occupy the market, and the industry will achieve partial industry consolidation through mergers and acquisitions.
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