The difference between EVA and PE

The difference between EVA and PE


EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging material. EVA rubber and plastic products have been designed and formed, and its shockproof performance is better than traditional packaging materials such as polystyrene (foam). Compared with traditional shockproof packaging, EVA foam Cotton can be cut and formed; because of its large density difference, it can be used more widely, and it is more in line with environmental protection requirements. It has good moisture insulation, cushioning, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., and it has no water absorption. Non-toxic properties.        PE foam is made of high-molecular foam material as base material, double-coated high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive (acrylic acid adhesive or rubber type adhesive), composite single silicon or double silicon release material. PE foam is cut into various thicknesses, densities, various shapes and colors by roll or punch molding, so that there are many options. PE foam tape has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and cushioning properties. Sound absorption and superior adhesion make it suitable for applications in electronics, home accessories, automotive interiors, medical protection, precision machinery, etc. Therefore, as can be seen from the above, PE foam and EVA foam, regardless of the use and performance characteristics are different, should also pay attention when choosing to use foam.

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