Accessories add EVA Foam formular

Accessories add EVA Foam formular
1.EVA can be added to the formulation excipients very complex. Talk about some of the major bar. 
A scrap. After the product is made of scrap some of the excess material tail, side bars or something. They are already foaming over the. Such things are cost killer, using it can greatly reduce the production cost, of course, will also affect physical performance. Almost all do this kind of EVA are in use, I will not go into details.
2 antistatic agents, some products require a static function, and EVA foam with a strong product itself is static, so you need to add some anti-static agent in the formulation. EVA antistatic agents used in general are a mixture of specific components of MS is very complex, and sometimes I do not know, the amount of 3% -5%.
3 flame retardants used in some packaging materials EVA foam products may require fire-retardant. Flame retardant may be added to achieve the effect in the recipe. Plastic commonly used flame retardant Mg (OH) 2, Al (OH) 3, for EVA foam products also have some effect, but the amount is relatively large, we use 12% -20%, but high demand for flame retardant products they are not very easy to use. Japan has a product retardant effect is very ideal, but does not meet the ROHS directive. So a word off the total, with the flame on high demand, I do not quite approach.
4 instant agent EVA foaming process takes time, if you want to increase daily output, reduce product energy consumption, can be appropriate to add instant foaming agent to shorten the time required. Now the market is the most common instant agent TAIC, which says exactly what should be the bridge builder. Add the right amount of TAIC, can really shorten the time, but as it's added, product size will be reduced accordingly, and the time-lapse effect is not very satisfactory. Fujian I do not know, and now here are a few places in Guangdong in another instant agents, add a small amount of time-lapse effect is still relatively substantial. (Quietly say, this instant agents me our leak out.) L5 colorants foam products are generally colored, so you need to add in the formulation colorant color. EVA foam products can be used toner color, colored plastic, of course, better to use masterbatch. MS product can not use computer color, probably because of the color change after this thing too much foam, the computer is also equipped with immortality.
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