EVA materials are inseparable from modern scientific achievements

EVA materials are inseparable from modern scientific achievements
Don't underestimate any of our products and jobs, even if it is a product packaging or foot pad is enough to prove our contribution to a field of the industry! EVA materials are inseparable from modern scientific achievements. In many production areas, EVA materials occupy more or less a certain proportion.
EVA materials are used in a wide range of applications, and the main applications are in the following production areas:
(1) Film, sheet and laminate: seal, adhesion, flexibility, toughness, shrinkage, suitable for flexible packaging film, heat shrinkable film, agricultural film, food packaging film, laminated film, can be used Used as an intermediate layer of a polyolefin laminate film.
(2) General supplies: It has the advantages of flexibility, environmental stress crack resistance and weather resistance. It is suitable for industrial materials, including power wire insulation bags, household appliance parts, window sealing materials, etc.
(3) Daily groceries include sporting goods, toys, cushions, drawstrings, sealed container lids, EVA rubber football, etc.
(4) The auto parts have shock absorbers, fenders, and interior and exterior decorative parts.
(5) Foamed products: foamed foamed plastic slippers, cool sandals, building materials, etc. Injection molding foam has various industrial parts, women's soles, hot melt adhesives and so on.
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