What are the areas we often see in EVA products?

What are the areas we often see in EVA products?
What are the areas we often see in EVA products?
EVA products can be subdivided into materials: sponge, high foam, rubber, EPE, EVA, PU and other foamed products;
According to the process flow, it can be subdivided into: grinding, cold/hot pressing, stamping, silk screen printing, injection molding and other products.
Sports equipment: grip abrasive products, EVA sponge hot pressing, cold pressing shaped products and various materials stamping products. Such as various fishing tackle products, foam balls, handles, toy rockets, toy knife guns, EVA silk screen puzzles, wheels, foot pads , packing boxes, etc.
EVA products are widely used in electronics, sports equipment, automotive industry, toys, craft gifts, packaging and other industries.
Stationery gifts: EVA pen holder, EVA letter, EVA building block, EVA book, EVA puzzle, EVA smile face, EVA seal, sponge Mitsubishi, sponge cylinder, pearl cotton cylinder;
Among the EVA products, color EVA foam is the most widely used, so how the color EVA foam is foamed. The process is as follows:
The color EVA foaming tube is made of EVA as a substrate, and an appropriate amount of foaming agent is added to the foam by a heating and pressurizing coach. When the temperature rises to the decomposition temperature of the foaming agent, the foaming agent decomposes and releases the gas to foam.
In addition, EVA has a certain degree of crystallinity, and the fluidity is poor before the temperature reaches the crystal melting temperature, and after reaching the melting temperature, the melt viscosity drops sharply, and the fluidity increases rapidly, which is a gas generated during the foaming process. Hard to keep.
However, in order to improve this factor which is not conducive to foam molding, it is sought to retain the gas in the binder. The ideal cell structure of the gas must be cross-linked to crosslink the EVA molecular chains to adjust the viscosity of the melt. And viscoelasticity, to achieve the requirements of foaming, and improve the physical and mechanical properties of the foam, with organic peroxide cross-linking agent, can meet the above requirements, generally dicumyl peroxide is more desirable.
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